Sensitive skin may better tolerate a wash-off treatment format, and use of a gentle cleanser and a protective moisturiser can also help support skin's tolerance to treatment. Here is our 'Double Cleanse' treatment routine edit:

Step 1


When you have active breakouts or are using spot treatment actives, we know your skin barrier's resilience and sensitivity can be put through its paces. Use this gentle, soothing cleanser morning and evening to cleanse your skin so it is prepped and ready to have your choice of treatment active applied. Nothing harsh or stripping, it respects your skin barrier. 

Daily Cleanser


Step 3


Complete the routine with a balancing moisturiser to hydrate, soothe and protect your skin barrier. For day time it is recommended to use UV protection (and to avoid direct sunlight) while using Acnecide treatments as your skin can become more photosensitive. UV exposure during a breakout is also related to the formation of post-breakout dark marks and uneven skin tone. Purifide moisturisers are non-comedogenic: they don't cause blocked pores. 

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