When grease is the word, you're in luck with Purifide! As excess oil is also a common factor in spot and blemish prone skin (our area of expertise!), the whole skincare range is designed to help with that too. Here's our product edit recommended for you:


Harsh and over-stripping cleansers can disrupt your skin barrier and cause dryness... and could even trigger MORE oil production! So our cleansers are all designed to be effective at reducing excess oiliness and shine, yet respectful to your skin's balance. 

pH Control Cleansing Face Wash



Big Myth Bust Alert! Moisturising is still something you should do even if you have oily skin. As well as being genetically or hormonally driven, oily skin can also be linked to dry or dehydrated skin. Moisturisers can have other benefits too including to help protect and strengthen your skin barrier (think UV filters and skin barrier strengthening ceramides and squalane) or to visibly improve the oiliness (hello mattifying ingredients!). Check out our moisturisers edit, all help to hydrate and balance out oiliness- and they don't cause clogged pores!

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