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Feel a spot coming on just before a big event? Need an overnight solution for an emerging breakout? Don’t let a spot get you down, use Purifide Power Patch to help keep you at your most confident self.

Designed to visibly reduce spots and redness in just 6 hours, Purifide Power Patch has a powerful 3-in-1 technology to shrink, soothe and protect emerging spots.

For those “OMG NOT NOW!” spot appearance emergencies (because those pesky spots seem to know when it’s the wrong time to pop up!), Purifide Power Patches provide ultra-thin and transparent protection. Packed with spot-busting ingredients, these patches contain Salicylic acid to reduce redness and encourage skin renewal, Canadian Willowherb to soothe irritated skin, and Centella Asiatica (commonly known as Cica) to reduce inflammation.

The Power Patches come in two sizes: 11mm and 13.5mm, and are placed directly on the emerging blemish to stop it in its tracks.

Helping to discourage picking, POWER PATCHES act as a barrier between you and your spot, with 87% of consumers saying it reduced their urge to touch or pick the spot1.

To use, simply stick the patch directly onto the spot in question, leave for a minimum of 4 hours and a maximum of 12 hours then reapply as necessary during the lifecycle of the blemish. The patches can be used overnight or during the day thanks to them being transparent.

And they are already a hit! 85% of consumers said the patches helped shrink their spot within 6 hours, 80% agreed it reduced redness in 6 hours and 82% said it visibly flattened their spot1.

The POWER PATCHES join the Acnecide + Purifide portfolio of 8 existing products designed to treat, soothe and control acne and blemish-prone skin. The regime is built to help you navigate the wider spectrum of spot and blemish-prone skin challenges that you may face. The Power Patches, alongside the full range of products, bring clear skin and acne expertise to all, whether you have breakouts on an occurring or occasional basis. For further details on the patches, click here.

Available from: Boots, Superdrug, Amazon, Tesco, ASOS and LookFantastic. You can try our product selector quiz to find the right dermatologically tested skincare for you.

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